12-volt and 24-volt air compressors for both the on-and OffRoad markets


VIAIR Corporation offers the most comprehensive line of 12-volt and 24-volt air compressors for both the on-and off road markets available anywhere. Our quality engineered compressors and components are also used in the OEM segment, and have become the industry standard for automotive aftermarket applications worldwide.

“C” model compressors are intended to fill air tanks. They are not equipped with an ON/OFF switch or pressure sensitive shutoff device of any kind. The use of a pressure switch andrelay are recommended and required.

H-Models Compressors


“H” model compressors are intended to fill tires. All “H” models come with an onboard ON/OFF switch and a stainless steel braided leader hose with an open-end quick connect stud installed at the end of the hose.

IG-Series Compressors


Industrial Grade (IG) compressors are specifically designed to fill air reservoir tanks and feature a specialized head assembly with a newly-developed, patents pending intercooler for higher heat dissipation.

Portable Compressors

ViAir Portable Compressors

Portable compressors range from 60 to 150 PSI maximum working pressure and come with a heavy duty carry handle, deluxe carry bag, and 3pc. inflation tips kit for use with other inflatable items.

Dual Packs

ViAir Dual Packs

Five different Dual Packs are available in eight configurations capable of 150 or 200 PSI and offer an assortment of speed and duty cycle ratings. Most Dual Packs come with relays and a pressure switch to simplify installation.

ViAir Air Source Kits

Typically used for air supply to air horns and other applications, ASKs are pre-assembled to provide a simple and effective solution with a smaller tank, available in three pressure rating and two tank sizes.

Onboard Air Systems

VIAIR Onboard Air Systems

OBA systems are a complete kit of parts, used to accomplish various tasks for off road vehicles and are tailored for specific uses including air locking differentials, tire inflation, air tool use, air horn operation and more.

2 on 2 Bolt-On Platforms

VIAIR 2 on 2 Bolt-On Platforms

Two compressors mounted to a 2.0 gallon air tank provide compressed air for many situations. Available as model-specific (with mounting bracket) or universal applications, and include a wiring harness for ease of installation.

Automatic Deployment Air Systems

VIAIR Automatic Deployment Air Systems

ADA systems are available in universal applications that provide a compact air locker and tire inflation station for virtually any vehicle. A wiring harness and Digital Tire Inflation Kit is also included.