Tepui Tents Roof Top Tents

The Tepui Tents organization is an enthusiastic outdoor adventure company based in Santa Cruz, California that offers one of the best Roof Top Tents around. Tepui Tent is an excellent rated top notch product with universal applications that can be used on most Cars, Truck's, SUV's, Jeeps, Trailer and other OffRoad Vehicles.

Tepui Tents Kukenam Ruggedized

Roof Top Tent

Tepui Tents Autana Siberian Camo

Roof Top Tent

Tepui Tents Autana Sky

Roof Rop Tent

Tepui Tents Gran Sabana Siberian

Camo Roof Rop Tent

Tepui Tents Kukenam XL Ruggedized

Roof Rop Tent

Tepui Tents Autana Ruggedized

Roof Rop Tent

Check out The Tepui Roof Top Tent Gallery and videos. See all the outstanding pictures and videos in one place OffRoadUpgrades.com. We have shots on the Tepui Ayer Roof Top Tent, Tepui Kukenam Roof Top Tent, Tepui Kukenam Camo Roof Top Tent, Tepui Kukenam Siberian Camo Roof Top Tent, Tepui Kukenam Sky Tent Roof Top Tent, Tepui Autana Roof Top Tent, and the Tepui Gran Sabana Roof Top Tent. Excellent for those who love the Outdoors like us Campers & OffRoad Enthusiast. 

Tepui Roof Top Tents are made with the most durable rip-stop waterproof materials that will stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. The tent easily mounts directly to your roof rack or aftermarket roof bars and can be fully setup in just a few minutes. The Tepui Roof Top tents come with universal mounting brackets that allow easy mounting to most roof racks or aftermarket roof bars.

It’s Not Just a Tent It’s A Lifestyle!
— Tepui Tents

TEPUI (pronounced /teh-poo-ee/) is a table-top mountain or mesa found in the Guiana Highlands of South America. The word tepui means "house of the gods" in the native tongue of the Pemo. Tepuis are known for their mystic, allure, and spectacular scenery.

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