The Power Pot® V | Thermoelectric Generator Converts Heat Into Electricity


The Power Pot® V | Thermoelectric Generator Converts Heat Into Electricity

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The Power Pot V is a typical backpacking type cooking pot, with thermoelectric technology attached to the base that makes it a 5W generator. This model holds 1.5 quart (1.4 l) and is lightweight, made from hard Anodized Aluminum, weighing in at only 12oz.  With no moving parts, it will withstand miles of trekking, wherever you decide to take it.  The Power Pot V is a simple, yet versatile and highly portable power solution, which will allow you to power 2-3 USB devices at a time.  Only heat and water are required for the magic to happen. Besides making a perfect addition to your next backpacking/camping trip, The Power Pot V should also be part of your home emergency preparedness kit.  The Power Pot V takes up little shelf space, has an indefinite shelf life, and it can be used indoors or outdoors, day or night, rain or shine, and on any heat source sufficient for cooking.  You can store everything you need for a ready-to-go on-demand generator right inside the pot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Power Pot cables melt?

No. The Power Pot regulator cable has a heat-resistant silicone fiberglass protective layer that is self-extinguishing and difficult to damage. Beneath this is Teflon-insulated wires, which will stand up to the heat. The whole package is rated to 600° F (315° C). This means the Power Pot can be carefully operated in an open-pit fire as well as on portable or home stoves.

What can it Charge?

The Power Pot comes with a 5 V USB regulator that can charge all USB devices. This includes iPhones, smart phones and typical cell phones as well as a number of USB accessories: GPS units, LED lights and lanterns, portable speakers, battery packs, UV water purifiers, and headlamps. It can also use an optional 12 V regulator that can power standard car-charging accessories. With the 12 V electronics, it can charge SLR camera batteries, flood lighting and more.

Can I cook food in my Power Pot?

We recommend that only water be used in the Power Pot to achieve optimal power production. If possible, start with very cold water (or snow or ice). Using some water will achieve the longest lifetime for The Power Pot and will produce the most consistent results. 

How is power from the Power Pot regulated?

The Power Pot generator uses a solid-state voltage regulator. This regulator is set to provide a constant voltage while supplying up to the maximum current of 1A from the PowerPot V generator. The regulator can safely be used to power a very wide number of low-power mobile devices. 

How much power does the Power Pot generate?

Depends on the model.  The PowerPot V has a maximum output of 5W. The PowerPot X has a maximum output of 10W. The temperature of the heat source and the temperature of the water determine the power output. To achieve maximum power, replace boiling water with cool water periodically and use a hot flame. However, engulfing the PowerPot in a large flame will not increase power generation and may cause damage to the PowerPot. 

How long does it take to start charging?

One of the PowerPot's best features is its start-up time. In most conditions, power is available within 10 seconds of applying heat to the pot. Maximum power is typically reached within 60 seconds.

Does the Water Have to be boiling?

No. The PowerPot taps the transfer of heat to create electricity. As long as the heat source is flowing from the bottom plate into the body of the pot, electricity will be available.