Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp
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 (Matte Black Color / Finish Pictured Above)

Black Diamond's Revolt Headlamp is the perfect companion for your next outdoor expedition. Compatible with both alkaline and rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. With minimal weight, multiple power settings, and the ability to charge via USB. The Balck Diamond Revolt Headlamp is an important part of your outdoor essentials.

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Metallic Citron

Ultra White



 Shine Light on Every Adventure - 5 Mode High Output LED Headlamp

Ships with Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries -  100+ hours of Usable Light

Recharge in a Jiffy with The Power Pot!

USB Micro Port Provides Easy Recharging Access for AAA Batteries

Available in 4 Awesome Colors 

Compatible with both Alkaline and Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries

Chargeable via USB cable

Triple Power, Single Power, and Night Mode Settings

Can be Re-charged with Solar Panels or even a USB port at home!




Light Source: High-output LED (white/red)

Max Lumens: Triple Power: 110 (alkaline); 90 NiMH -  Single Power: 25 (alkaline); TBD NiMH

Max Distance: Triple Power: 70 m (alkaline); 66 m (NiMH) -  Single Power: 9 m (alkaline); 8 m (NiMH)

Rechargeable: Yes. Includes 3 Ni-MH AAA and 3 alkaline AAA batteries.

Charge Connector: USB micro 

Battery Life: (Highest Setting) Triple Power: 70H-Alkaline 12H-NiMH - Single Power: 22H-Alkaline 10H-NiMH

Battery Life: (Lowest Setting) Triple Power: 300H-Alkaline 190H-NiMH - Single Power: 75H-Alkaline 80-NiMH

Weight: 97 g / 3.4 oz (Alkaline); 100 g / 3.5 oz (NiMH) - (With Batteries)