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The BAKFlip F1 is the flagship member of the BAKFlip tonneau cover family, and far and away the leader in the hard folding truck bed cover arena. The BAKFlip F1 is crafted from the finest high end materials. The understructure of the BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover is made from a solid, powder coated aluminum for unparalleled strength and rigidity. The top surface is made from a thick Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP), designed to withstand a real beating and severe temperatures from extreme heat to freezing cold. All components of the BAKFlip F1 cover are top of the line. Even the rubber hinges and side seals are made from a proprietary scuff resistant EPDM synthetic rubber material, which will never break down and will outlast your truck. 

BAKFlip F1 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover
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Technical Specs of BakFlip F1 Tonneau Cover

Panel exterior:Aluminum underside FRP Fiberglass top
Panel core:EPS (insulated) 
Panel frames:Aircraft grade aluminum / black powder coat
Finish:Hair cell texture
Thickness:1/2 inch (OD)
Hinge:Flush style corrosion proof EPDM rubber
Weight rating:400 LBS. - evenly distributed
Size of box:68x23x8 (inches)
Weight of box:55 LBS
Install tools:1 x 15mm wrench
Maintenance:Wash normally with soap and water / 3M formula 303 UV protection.
Never use any type of Wax or products that contains wax on your cover.
Warranty:3 years

BAKFlip F1 Hard Folding Tonneau Cover Video

The features of the BAKFlip F1, such as the latches under the heavy duty panels are encased with injection molded plastic and the tonneau cover is made to operate easily from either side of the truck. Every panel under the BAKFlip F1 is secure and has an automatic slam latch system to ensure that as it is closed, the panels are locked down tight. The BAKFlip F1 also leans completely over the 90 degree mark when it is completely opened, to ensure that it remains impervious to side wind gusts, doesn't block your third break-light and can withstand severe impact from shifting loads in your truck bed. The BAKFlip F1 tonneau is backed by the best 3 year warranty in the business and is designed to work seamlessly with accessories like BAK Industries BakBox toolbox, ProCaps bed rail protectors, tie downs, bed liners, bed rails and our popular 500 lb. capacity rack, the BAKFlip CS rack system.

The BAKFlip F1 tonneau cover is available for most domestic and imported pickup trucks. If you're in the market for a high end, solid, robust, impact resistant, all season truck bed cover that performs as well as it looks, the BAKFlip F1 hard folding tonneau is built for you. The BAKFlip F1 is the most impact resistant tonneau cover in BAK Industries hard cover line-up. The F1 is widely available for most models of Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and VW pickup trucks. Feel free to browse through the BAKFlip F1 products and select one that's right for you.